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About Us
Mission and Values
Mission and Values
Our mission is to help our customers succeed by supporting them in their vital work developing new, safe and effective treatments for patients.

As a CRO, our work involves the meticulous management of clinical data, the careful crafting of scientifically sound analyses, and pristine presentation of comprehensive, concise reports that build insights from the data generated by our customers’ groundbreaking clinical studies.

We may be more modestly sized than some other CROs, but this is what gives us our edge. It allows us to be uniquely flexible, timely, and reliable with the consistently high-quality results we deliver – all while adhering to all customer-specific and regulatory requirements.

Our team is able to anticipate, adapt, and respond to diverse customer needs with maximum awareness and agility. Each customer is different, and we adjust our internal procedures so that our work fits in seamlessly with their operations.

None of this would be possible without our incredible team, which functions like a well-oiled machine. We have established an open, collaborative, respectful environment for our employees. By allowing each employee to shine and grow, we ensure our own growth and stability as a company. Our staff work in an attractive, safe, and healthy workplace that is conducive to good work and personal satisfaction.

Our supportive, open culture is what has allowed us to develop and retain our exemplary employees who deliver the excellence we are known for. We succeed together – as a team, and with our customers.


Our Values

Icon Delivering excellence
Delivering excellence
We prioritize excellence as a provider and employer.
Icon Acting with integrity
Acting with integrity
We act with integrity and ethics in every way.
Icon Adhering to standards
Adhering to standards
We strictly adhere to all compliance and ethical standards.
Icon Acting responsibly
Acting responsibly
We act in the interests of people and the planet.
Icon Nurturing growth
Nurturing growth
We support our employees to unlock their potential.
History: About Us
Then and Now
DATAMAP GmbH was founded in 1992 by two biostatisticians, Jürgen Lilienthal and Dr. Wilhelm Sauermann.

DATAMAP started as a smaller operation specialized in data management, statistical analysis, and reporting services for all phases of clinical studies and trials. Having observed a gap in the market, a dedicated team of eight former colleagues from the same department of an international pharmaceuticals company decided to embark on something new. They applied their enthusiasm, team spirit, and collective ingenuity to launch DATAMAP. Before long, they were delivering exceptional data management and data analyses services to customers across the pharmaceuticals sector.

Quickly establishing a reputation for impeccable precision, valuable insights, and an agile customer-friendly approach to their work, demand for DATAMAP’s services grew considerably over time.

The Freiburg-based team now numbers around 50 permanent employees, each adding their valued expertise in areas ranging from data management to programming to biostatistics.
Why did we decide to found DATAMAP?

“Because we wanted to build a new company together with nice colleagues – a place with a culture of motivation and autonomy, where people ultimately enjoy what they are doing. Our goal was for us to be able to engage and collaborate respectfully as a team, with our customers, and with our suppliers, working together and supporting one another to achieve the highest quality outcome. We envisioned something somewhat challenging and exciting, but more than anything, enjoyable. And not just for us.

We’re proud that even after more than 30 years and significant changes to the nature of our work, we still haven’t forgotten our fundamental ideals. We continue to hold onto and nurture the ideals on which we were founded.”

(Jürgen Lilienthal and Wilhelm Sauermann, founders of DATAMAP)
The DATAMAP Founders
Meet the DATAMAP Team
The DATAMAP team functions as a well-oiled machine within the realms of biostatistics, clinical programming, and data management. We are specialized professionals, including clinical programmers, data managers, statisticians, bolstered by a range of quality management, administration, and business IT experts. Together, we make data work for our clients.

Our modest size combined with diverse backgrounds grant us the strength and adaptability to respond flexibly to customer challenges and requests. We are nimble and dynamic, and work together well. As clinical data experts, we deeply understand the importance of every component that makes up a whole. We thrive in this environment of mutual support. With an open-door and collaborative culture, we foster transparent communication and work more effectively. Every DATAMAP team member is valued for the unique and interdisciplinary perspectives they have to offer. Their input influences and enhances the outcomes of all our scientific endeavors.

We strive to unlock potential in everything we do – from realizing the potential in data to supporting our employees in their wellbeing and professional growth.
Pictures are worth a thousand words…
About Us
We Manage the Company
Get to know our Managers
Datamap Management
The DATAMAP Office
The DATAMAP Office
Open doors
and open minds
DATAMAP  office
Our spacious, modern office in beautiful Freiburg have been designed for healthy, productive work. Comfort and collaboration are key, which is why our spaces have been designed to facilitate a range of different work styles.

Desk-based focused data-crunching, creative reflection in a quiet corner, or lively brainstorming in a friendly meeting room – it’s an environment built for people.
Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
Getting things right
Our company’s core goal is always to support our customers in the development of safe and effective drugs and medical devices by delivering reliably high-quality results.

Since our founding in 1992, we’ve embraced a long-term strategy based around social, economic, and ecological considerations. It is important that we both consistently deliver on our customers’ expectations with impeccable services while also offering our employees a secure, attractive working environment built around collaboration and continuous support. We foster growth and personal development while respecting the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Principles of equality, workplace health, and psychological safety at work are actively engaged with and practiced in our company.

Similarly, we have been committed to environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, social justice, and social responsibility since our founding over three decades ago. Our efforts and activities continue to expand in this area, appropriate to the pressing demands of our time.
Part of something bigger
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